Our story

Jessica Aggrey’s inspiration comes from a real passion for jewels and gems and is also informed by her love of fashion, art, antiquity and nature.

“Growing up in Ghana, West Africa was the start of my lifelong obsession in the way people adorn themselves,” she says, “My paternal grandmother was a gold trader on the coast, its in my blood, I was surrounded by women with great style and an appreciation of jewellery” "I find my muse in the women I call friends and family and client's".

 Jessica has made things for as long as she can remember. "Being a child of the 1970's, play often meant making and crafting, encouraged by both parents." Aggrey has been designing and creating her unique jewellery pieces in New Zealand since the early 90’s, and since the mid 2000's also in Bali, Indonesia. After a Diploma  at Auckland’s MIT, she set up her first jewellery studio, Tempietto in her early twenties and stocked her wares at the likes of Zambesi, Karen Walker and World to name a few. She later opened her well-loved store Mettle 22 in Ponsonby Auckland, where she traded for several years. Her love for styling and costuming led to a one year pop-up store named OBISPO. A collaborative curation with fellow stylist's.

 When she is not traveling sourcing gems, uncommon desirable objects and inspiration, Jessica makes pieces at her home studio and also produces a small collection of handmade pieces with talented makers in Bali.

To mark 27 years as a maker Jessica has decided to rebrand as AGGREY JEWELLERY - A celebration of our family name and connection to our ancestors.